Top 10 Illuminati Aliens Secrets
February 16, 2017

Illuminatis have been reported as the deepest and darkest conspiracies ever which happened against the population of the earth. The common men will never know about this, unless the stories are unzipped wide-mouthed, and boldly. The truth must be uncovered, … Continue reading

Top 10 Kecksburg UFO Crash Secrets
February 14, 2017

9th December, 1965 was a memorable day for the residents of the small village of Kecksburg in Pennsylvania, USA. At around 4:40 PM locals saw a UFO crash down into the woods. As the cops arrived at the reported crash … Continue reading

Top 10 Alien Impregnation And Birth Stories
February 13, 2017

A common question that revolves around all alleged alien abduction cases is that what do the alien do to humans after they are abducted. Well, apart from general medical examinations and certain experimentations, humans are also subjected to something which … Continue reading