Top 10 Alien Secrets Of Cattle Mutilation Incidents

Top 10 Alien Secrets Of Cattle Mutilation Incidents

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Amongst the various tales of human abductions by aliens, stories of cattle mutilation has also been surfacing at equal pace throughout the world. After the first reported incident of the mutilation of a horse named ‘Lady’ in September, 1967, there has been numerous reports of cattle being mutilated in a strange manner which has puzzled the police officers and has supplied words of enthusiasm amongst the alien enthusiasts. These cattle mutilation incidents have been carried out with a definite pattern which shows that it the task of extraterrestrials who, due to some unknown reason have been trying to gather different genetic samples.

(1) In almost all the cases of cattle mutilation, no marks have been discovered near the remains of the mutilated animals. Neither footprints of the dead animal, nor footprints or tire marks are seen which raises the question that how did these animals reach the place.

Cattle Mutilation 1

(2) The mutilated animals in many cases are found with broken limbs and their backs are being pushed deep into the ground, which gives a feeling that they have been dropped from a height. Looking at the impact, it can be easily concluded that they must be dropped from a hovering alien spaceship which is why there are no marks found on the nearby ground where the carcasses are found.

cattle mutilation drop deep

(3) The fact that the mutilated animals are completely drained out of blood tells that there is some purpose owing to which the blood has been drained out. No physical opening is observed on the bodies that would justify the drainage of blood, which points to the fact that some sort of super intelligent method is used to execute the task of draining the blood out.

cattle mutilation drained out of blood

(4) The cut marks on the bodies of the mutilated animals looks like being caused by high level surgical instruments which have been used with extreme levels of precision.

cattle mutilation surgical

(5) The internal organs, especially the reproductive organs of the mutilated animals are found to have been removed from the bodies. The level of surgical precision that is observed in these removals certainly drives attention to the fact that these removals are done by expert surgeons who belong from a world different from ours.

Cattle Mutilation 3

(6) Including the 1967 case of the horse mutilation, sites where the mutilated livestock is found is filled with a strange and strong odor that reminds of incense sticks. The reason for such odor is completely unknown and baffles the witnesses completely.

cattle mutilation 4

(7) In some cases presence of radiation is being observed near the mutilated cattle’s body which indicates that the animal was taken aboard some aircraft which has caused the radiation in its body as well as the surrounding.

cattle mutilation radiation

(8) Unlike other cases of dead animals lying on the ground, large scavengers like foxes or coyotes do not try to eat the mortal remains of the dead animals. As a matter of fact these scavengers are not seen anywhere close to these mutilated animals.

cattle mutilation 5

(9) Domestic animals are found to react very aggressively when brought near the dead bodies of the mutilated cattle. The reason for such agitation, in most likeliness, is the presence of the radiation which makes the dogs and other animals grow aggressive.

cattle mutilation aggressive dog

(10) Last but not the least, the secret that would draw a definite line of connection between the mutilated cattle and aliens is that whichever area the mutilations have happened, locals of that area have spotted unidentified lights and objects flying in the skies shortly before or after the mutilations have happened.

cattle mutilation boundary line

Why the aliens carry out such cattle mutilations is certainly a question that worries the police as well as the alien enthusiasts, but the fact is that these mutilations are being carried out mostly on the cattle and not on other animals. While some cases of mutilation of horses or deer are being reported, but it is primarily the livestock that is at the target range of these aliens who have been executing the task of cattle mutilations over many decades.

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