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Recently we were advised that many are interested in the creation of the human/alien hybrid, and although, we covered this subject in a broader sense we will now take you into an in-depth look into what many are calling the Grey Aliens Human Hybrid Agenda. This like many subjects related to Grey Aliens may be disturbing; therefore, we urge you to proceed with caution.To re-cap briefly, we will go over the basic background of how this movement started and why the Grey Aliens are so interested in “harvesting” human beings. Grey Aliens struggle with a daunting issue that befalls their race; they are ALL dying.  Unlike many alien races found throughout the cosmos Grey Aliens are cloned beings that were created by their “parent” race of aliens infamously known as the Reptilians from the Draco Constellation.

Grey Aliens Seek A Solution

Because they are clones (created to be a slave race), they suffer from genetic mutations, diseases but most problematic they are slowly dying.This poses a problem because Grey Aliens were created without any reproductive organs, hence their issue! Combined with the inability to re-produce and little knowledge of the cloning technology that the Reptilian Aliens possess, Grey Aliens face a time sensitive issue that they have now set out to solve.

Like any animal/being, they are interested in self preservation; however, they seem to have no moral or ethical issues in achieving that goal and have set their eyes on using human beings to correct their misfortune. After their revolt against the powerful governments of the Reptilian Alien Empire, they set out into the cosmos in search for a solution.  It wasn’t long before they found what they wanted and needed here on Earth.  Making secret agreements with Earthly governments, Grey Aliens, in exchange for technology, are currently abducting humans so they can prefect their own method of cloning.  This cloning technology doesn’t quite mimic the technology used by the Reptilians but it enables them to use the human reproductive methods to achieve their goal.


Behold, the beginnings of the Human Hybrid Grey Alien Agenda
(A.K.A. The Hybrid Integration Program)


As science fiction as this may sound, this is the truth behind the elusive aliens that claim thousands of abductions each year.  When abducted, many people report that they are probed and stuck with needles in and around their reproductive organs.  This is where Grey Aliens begin the process of extracting human DNA that allows Grey Aliens to cross breed their own DNA and create Human/Alien Hybrids that will allow them to perpetuate their alien race.One scientist like David M. Jacobs, Director of the International Center for Abduction Research states, “aliens would abduct humans to cross-breed their DNA with ours and create an army of hybrid creatures that would slightly invade our planet.  Although we may disagree with this theory and its details about aliens taking over through this program, the
general idea of what is going on is there.”

To our knowledge, Grey Aliens and their Hybrid Program is not set out to conquer our own planet, but to solve their dying races’ issue and continue to live among the cosmos. However, we must also remember, they were creatures created for the sole purpose of producing nutrition for the Reptilian Race; their nutrition is negative energy, so evil intentions would suite them fine.

The Daunting Truth About Abductions

Once someone has been abducted and placed into the infamous room with blinding lights and metallic tables, it said that they feel a sense of drowsiness, but it is not drugs that paralyse the individual, but the telekinetic powers of the Grey Aliens that subdue the abductee.

Here, men and women are carefully subdued and the process begins for the extraction of human embryos or male sperm.  Grey Aliens utilize the sperm for the hybrid process where the DNAs are mixed, and then the sperms are inserted into the embryos.  Then, they wait!

In one instance, a woman reported that while abducted she was impregnated and released.  Once the embryo reached a certain age, she was abducted again so the aliens could extract her baby and begin the mixing of the DNAs.

After several years passed, she again reported that she was taken into the same spacecraft she once visited; however, in this particular experience she was given the chance to see her human/hybrid child.  However the technology works, it is a displeasing fact that such actions are taken by Grey Aliens.  In the case of this woman, she has been left to deal with the trauma befallen to her without choice, and this isn’t just a single incident.There are many mothers who believe they gave birth to a Human/Alien Hybrid child. Many legitimate psychologists,authors and experts in the UFO field have been seriously looking into this phenomenon. Medically unexplainable disappearances of embryos from the womb have intrigued doctors in every country. Abductees and those who study this
phenomenon believe it’s all part of a Human Hybrid Program.This is the reality of the Human Hybrid Program and although the reasons, whether its for self preservation or for war mongering purposes, it is apparent that this phenomenon is one that continues to intrigue many and frighten many more!


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